How do I pay my bill?

If we send you a bill for the energy you’ve used, you can pay that online quickly and easily. Just click “Pay my bill” on the home page, and you’ll be asked to log in with your Insite energy account username and password. Your username is the same as the email address you gave us when you registered. If you’ve forgotten your password, don’t panic: we can help you reset it.

How do I set up text message payments?

Paying by SMS text message is quick and convenient, but there are a few steps to go through to set it up.

First, look for the menu at the top of this page. 

Under "Your Account", click "Make a payment". If you're not already logged in with your Insite Energy account, you'll be asked to do that now.

Then you will see a form asking you for your payment card details. These are stored securely by your bank, not by us. 

Fill in the details on that page, and make sure you tick the box labeled "Allow this payment card to be used for payments via SMS."

That's it!

In future, you will be able to make further payments just by sending us a text.

How do I pay by text message?

To top-up credit to your Flexi-Pay account, send a text to 81234 saying PAY, followed by the amount you wish to top-up.

For example: to top-up credit by £20, send a text to 81234 saying PAY 20.

You can make payments of £5 to £150 (in £5 increments).

Texts are charged at your standard network rate.

Payment will be taken from the credit/debit card you have registered for our Pay by SMS service.

Can I top-up before the display reaches zero?

Yes. You can top-up whenever you like.

What is emergency credit?

If your credit reaches zero, you may be able to make use of an Emergency Credit service to keep your heating and hot water working for a little while longer, until you're able to make a top-up payment.

The amount of Emergency Credit available to you is set by your landlord.

To activate Emergency Credit, press the red button on your Insite Flexi-meter.

What is shared heating?

Although a new idea here in the UK, shared heating is quite popular in other parts of the world.

Instead of a boiler in every home, a shared heating system uses a single boiler to provide energy for several properties. They might be a block of flats, or a small housing development.

This boiler heats water and pushes it around a sealed circuit of pipes, passing through every one of the properties involved.

Inside each property, there's a section of pipes that pass very close to the sealed circuit. Heat passes between the two separate circuits. The circuit inside your home is connected to the mains water supply, and to your taps.

We've also installed a Flexi-valve. As long as your account is in credit, the valve remains open, and you have access to heating and hot water. If your account runs out of credit, the valve closes. Once you've topped up again, it will open again.

All of this happens wirelessly, thanks to our smart internet technology.

What does my Insite Flexi-meter do?

Your Insite Flexi-meter is a control panel for your heating and hot water supply.

It's connected to our computer system via the internet, so it always knows how much credit you've paid, and how much energy you've used.

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